Digital Made Physical.
As well as animating, model, lighting, rendering a number of shots throughout the three edits, I was also given the responsibility of 3D scanning and creating all the digital assets in the film from Daniel Arsham. I had a the fantastic opportunity to visit Daniels studio in NYC to scan his amazing creations, while working at ManvsMachine. 
Also as VFX Supervisor over-seed the CGI / live-action integration, shooting HDRI's, placing tracking markers, and as usual doubling up as on set photographer, see my images below.

Behind the scenes
Design process


Client: Squarespace
Creative, Design & Direction: ManvsMachine
Grade: Daniel De Vue (Glassworks)
Edit: Vid Price (Trim Editing)
DOP: Kaname Onoyama
Set Design: Stripeland
1st AD: Ben Gill
Styling: Anna Peftieva
Audio: Zelig Sound