Kiss My Airs
ManvsMachine project.
Working as part of the in­house team at ManvsMachine, I was involved in the animation of the soft body sims, edit, design and composting for the Vapormax launch film.
Concept, Design & Directon: ManvsMachine Sound: Resonate
Day to Night Collection
From Dusk to Dawn
Celebrating runners who are on their grind before the sun even rises and after it sets, Nike presents the VaporMax in the “Day to Night” pack. In four colorways representing different shades you’ll find in the sky from dawn to dusk, plus a complementary colorway for all nighters.
Nike invited a different artist for the presentation of each colorway, see one of the presentations by the mega talented crew at Golden Wolf. At ManvsMachine I was able to prepare the hero shot, intro and outro for each colorway.
Design Process
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